Fields of Light, 65 Vivid Descriptions and Images of the Auric Field, Chakras and Mental, Emotional, and Physical Relationships


What’s been hidden? This information is available to us to advance our healing understanding, expand our awareness and evolution…how our auric field functions, with all the systems of our physical body, mind, emotions in conjunction with our etheric systems. This is part of our ancient wisdom for advancement.

Expand your understanding of the body’s energy systems and the spirit-mind-body connection with this deep dive into topics like human, plant, and animal auric fields and chakra systems.

This book offers a broad scope of information about how our energetic fields are affected by thoughts, emotions and physical experiences, with specific examples to give you a comprehensive knowledge of the sophisticated and organized domains of energy medicine. Images reveal the appearance of psychological, emotional, and physical conditions as they appear to enhance your understanding of the material. This is the third book in the Energy Medicine Trilogy set.

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Do you want to know what someone’s auric field looks like when there is depression, or postiive emotions? Are you interested to learn how our energy system appears and how the chakras function during specific emotional reactions? Do you want to know what causes our systems to get stuck? Would you like to know how releasing energy in different areas is connected to each chakra and the corresponding energy system with thoughts? Understanding these subtle relationships is beneficial for practitioners, therapists and people working with others to give comprehensive understanding and treatments. When we are working on ourselves knowing this information benefits not the just the words of ‘body, mind, and spirit’ but the deeper meaning and the impact. For people who are intuitive, psychic, and senstive, this book also explains what you are feeling. In this book, Fields of Light, you will learn:

  • Methods and content from a 2-year energy medicine program the author has taught for over 20 years.
  • How conditions like anxiety, depression, anger, trauma, prayer and love (to name a few) manifest in the energy system.
  • How unbalanced energetic systems affect the mind, emotions, and the physical body.
  • 11 techniques for honing and heightening your direct awareness of energy fields.
  • In-depth understanding of the body’s wisdom and energy system functions with details of the chakras and auric field in every chapter .
  • How to heighten your energy system to enhance energy and fortify your auric field with specific examples.
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