Energy Medicine Primer, Awakening the Science of the Auric Field and Chakras


If you want to learn about the body’s energy systems (the auric fields and chakra system), and energy psychology, look no further.

The Energy Medicine Primer will tell you everything you need to know about energy systems and how they function within ALL beings (including plants and animals), starting with foundational elements and moving into in-depth color analysis and vibrational qualities. This is the second book in the Energy Medicine Trilogy set.


In this book, of Energy Medicine Primer, you will learn:

What comprises the energy system as a whole. The layers of the auric fields. What causes auric fields to change. How thoughts and emotions relate to the colors in our energy field as well as the functioning of the auric field. The different meanings of the colors and which of the auric field they only appear in.   The negative, positive, and neutral shade of an individual color, how to determine the different shades and their meanings.  How the neurological system functions within and through the energy system and chakras. The different movements of the chakras and the relationship to emotions, and their health.

  • Introduction: How this Book Came to Be, Why Is Energy Medicine Information Crucial, and About the Color Images
  • Chapter 1: Foundational Elements explores the primary and secondary auric fields
  • Chapter 2: 28 Colors of Our Energy Field details auric colors and their meanings.
  • Chapter 3: Vibrational Qualities of Our Energy System explores different vibrational aspects of energy systems and how they work.
  • Chapter 4: 20 Properties of Our Energy System details other important factors that affect the energy system in positive and negative ways.
  • Chapter 5: Basic Chakra Information introduces the chakra system.
  • Chapter 6: New Released, Premier Clarifying and Leading Edge Chakra Information gives more important details about the chakra system and how it operates.
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